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The Rural High School Visit (RHSV) program is an NRHSN initiative run by Rural Health Clubs nationwide. Each club is required to visit rural and remote high schools twice each year to promote health careers to rural high school students. The program is based on research which has shown that rural students are more likely to return to their ‘hometown’ communities to live and work when they finish their studies.

RHSV's are a fantastic opportunity for students to experience what is it like living in a rural area and is also a unique chance for students to inspire rural and remote youngsters and attract them to the wonders of the healthcare profession!

More information on the RHSV program can be found on the NRHSN website.



RHSVs in 2014


Oberon RHSV

RHSV Oberon High School


Date: Monday 8 September 2014

Time: 7am - 6pm

Venue: Oberon High School, Ross Street Oberon


RHSV Oberon

Dubbo/Wellington RHSV


Semester 2 Rural High School Visits

Where: Central West Rural High Schools – Oberon, Orange, Wellington - plus Orange Wine Festival!

When: Thursday 24th and Friday 25th October 2013

MIRAGE will be conducting our 2nd Rural High School Visit (RHSV) for 2013 in the Central West on Thursday 24th and Friday 25th October at Oberon, Orange and Wellington High Schools. This is a fantastic opportunity to inspire rural and remote youngsters and attract them to the wonders of the healthcare profession. On the Friday evening, we will also be attending the Orange Wine Week Night Markets, offering a unique chance for students to experience the social scene in rural NSW.

If you are interested in coming along, you can send your expression of interest to MIRAGE RHSV Coordinators at or Nicky Brown Get in quick as places are limited!


Oral Health Promotion Project

Contact Dental Reps for more information on how you can get involved.


Past RHSVs

• Dubbo RHSV

On Friday 21st June, 5 medical students studying at the School of Rural Health in Dubbo participated in a Rural High School Visit to Dubbo College Senior Campus and spoke with around 70 high school students about career opportunities in medicine, nursing and other health related fields. Big thanks to Kate, Hugh, Nicole, Sam, Rob and Narada for running this event! Attached is the newspaper clipping that was a feature in the local Dubbo newspaper – the Daily Liberal.

Dubbo RHSV newspaper clipping



Where: Hunter region Rural High Schools, plus Scone Cup races!

When: Friday and Saturday 16th & 17th May 2013

On Friday May 17th, a gang of 8 MIRAGE students headed up to the Hunter Region for our first Rural High School Visit in 2013. The uni students had the opportunity to talk to Maitland Grossman high school students about how they got into uni, and the many different health career pathways they may be able to embark upon after finishing school. Following the school visit, we headed up to Scone Cup Races and met up with other uni students from NERCHA - UNE Rural Health Club! It was a fantastic weekend, and a big thanks goes to the MIRAGE RHSVs Coordinators for organising the trip.

MIRAGE will be doing more school visits this year, so if you are keen to inspire the future generation of rural health, keep your eyes peeled for where we will be heading next.

Maitland RHSV


• NT Rural High School Visits

During the week of May 27th, six university rural health club members travelled to Central Australia last week to spread the word about health careers and healthy living to NT school students. Marlee Barber, a MIRAGE member and exercise physiology student at USYD (picture below), was one of the 6 students who participated.

They visited 8 schools and met more than 300 students. The program, run by Northern Territory Medicare Local, aims to inspire Territory students to pursue university health studies! Head to to learn how you can get involved.



Past RHSVs

In 2012, MIRAGE participated in two RHSVs to Wilcannia and Bathurst/Blayney High Schools. Below is some of the publicity MIRAGE received through Rural Health Workforce (RHW) and NRHSN showcasing the amazing impact of which the RHSV program can have on high school students in rural and remote areas!


Wilcannia, here we come!

The video shows the recent Wilcannia 'Healthy Connexions' schools trip to Wilcannia Central School and St Therese's Community School run by the University Department of Rural Health at Broken Hill in collaboration with MIRAGE Rural Health Club.

Students who participated in the RHSV included MIRAGE President and Pharmacy Student Courtney Challinor and a team of 30 other pharmacy, OT, speech pathology and medical students based at the Broken Hill UDRH Campus.



Photo Gallery - MIRAGE Wilcannia RHSV 2012


Caran Cheung (Sydney University medical student) clearly captivated her young audience at Wilcannia Central School. Caren ran an activities session on eye health, as part of the "Healthy Connexions" visit.



There were some big smiles this week at St Therese's Community School thanks to "Healthy Connexions". Sydney University's Cassandra Yee is pictured with three willing participants in the dental care workshop.



Speech pathology students Cassandra Yee and Laura Crewdson caught up with Victor at Wilcannia Central School. They are pictured with a model of the human ear filled with shaving cream - designed to demonstrate the effects of wax build up and infection on hearing. Cassandra and Laura are MIRAGE members.



Sydney University medical student & MIRAGE NRHSN Senior Rep Kate Goulding is pictured with Marcus, one of the students she presented to at Wilcannia Central School. Kate spoke about the impact of substance abuse on the brain. And check out NRHSN rural high school visit mascot, "Gutsy Gus", in the background.


RHSV_OT students

The OT team were a hit with the kids at St Therese’s Community School. These students, from the University of Sydney, ran an obstacle race that underscored the fun to be had by getting active.


RHSV_Wilcannia Crew

Some of the participating students, with "Gutsy Gustina" and Broken Hill UDRH's Kathie Naden who played a key role in making "Healthy Connexions" happen.



NRHSN tattoos came in handy, as proudly displayed by the Sydney Uni pharmacy crew — with Daniel Samaan, Courtney Challinor (2012 MIRAGE President) and Leah Sparke.

~ Jump on board for our next RHSV! ~


Other Publications from the Wilcannia RHSV:

RHW Across the Divide

'Healthy messages delivered in Wilcannia'


ABC News Article

'Health students hope to inspire Wilcannia youth'


Semester 2 2012 - Bathurst and Blayney RHSV

Date: Thursday and Friday 11-12 October 2012

Schools Visited: Bathurst & Blayney High Schools

On Thursday the 11th of October 2012, the MIRAGE RHSV Coordinators Rosie Watters and Aylin Savran took a team of 11 students to High Schools in Bathurst and Blayney for our second Rural High School visit this year. On the way we stopped off at Katoomba in the Blue Mountains to check out the Three Sisters.

After driving to Bathurst in afternoon, we arrived at our accommodation and headed down to the local pub for some dinner. We were up early on Friday morning and headed off to Bathurst High School for our first RHSV of the day.

Starting with a brief overview of University life, the students were then split into groups and rotated around a number of stations manned by MIRAGE members. There they took part in activities including CPR, bandaging, blood pressure, and finding reflexes. They also learnt some anatomy from “Gutsy Gus” and discussed the working of the inner ear. The visit was finished off with a scrubs race and the winning team was delighted with their prizes of footballs and drink bottles.

The health-based activity stations worked quite well in providing students with an insight into the world of health professionals. Students were willing to get involved (especially when merchandise was being given away) and teachers commented on it being a great way to spark interest in the children. It was a great first RHSV for all of us!

After Bathurst HS the group did a lap of the Panorama Mountain race course before heading to Blayney, a small town of approximately 3,400 people, southwest of Bathurst. Here the students once again took part in a range of activities and were highly responsive and interested in learning from the MIRAGE representatives.

RHSV Bathurst/Blayney 1

The RHSV team stopping off at the Three Sisters in Katoomba, Blue Mountains.

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If you are interested in coming along to our next RHSV you can send your expression of interest to MIRAGE RHSV Sen Rep

Nikita Hostland


NB: Please read the MIRAGE Reimbursement Policy for details outlining reimbursement for travel, accommodation and food.